Sunday, December 20, 2015

In Memory of My Husband Margarito (Whammy) Pompa, III

My husband of 11 years,  the love of my life, father of our 5 children (and one on the way), passed away unexpectedly on December 12, 2015. We had only just received the keys to our new home a few days earlier and had surprised our children with the news.  

My heart is shattered into a million pieces,  I can't look past the needs of today because thoughts of our future plans bring me great anguish.

What can a woman who just lost the love of her life tell you?  

These are the words I spoke at my husband's funeral Mass.  Inside the church that we were married in and baptized all our children.  The same church that we sat in every Sunday to hear the Word of the Lord and receive His Body. 

These words were inspired by the life my husband lived.  A life that was not perfect,  by any means,  nor a life that was coveted by others.  But a life in which my husband strived to be the best servant to our Lord Jesus Christ.  Not only claiming Him as our Savior,  but really accepting Him as Lord of our life. 

He would have wanted me to have the courage to stand up here today.  He believed in me as I'm sure he believed in all of you.  We were both strong believers that God can make every situation in our life an occasion of grace, and that is how we must continue to live our lives.

I can assure you that he is looking down on us right now and smiling with that beautiful smile to see this church filled with people,  all the people he loved and cared about. One of his missions was to one day see this church full of people praising and worshipping
our Lord.

That doesn't take the deep pain and sorrow that I feel in my heart,  but it gives me strength to look forward as the song says.  No turning back,  no turning back.

To the wives/spouses,  don't hold each other back from service to the Lord.  Be obedient to the Lord. As many of you were witnesses,  my husband was more obedient to the Lord than he was to his wife. He believed, along with myself, that strong marriages are essential to a better community and world.  The joys we had in our daily lives we experienced together. Whether it be a weekend date or a concert, he always wanted to do everything together as a couple,  and that is something I will never regret.

To the youth, act with courage.  He wanted all of us to be the best version of ourselves that we could be.  As he would tell many of you to be "A Better You".

To his athletes, Little League,  Phillies,  Warriors, Braves,  Panthers,  Wildcats,  and most recently the Longhorns (and any who are not mentioned): His passion for coaching was only surpassed by his passion for our Lord.  That was something that was evident in the way he coached.  Remember what he taught you not only about sports, but about discipline, sportsmanship, and our Lord.

To everyone here today: We all have gifts given to us by the Lord,  Whammy just used his gifts to their full potential, and then some.  How many of us can say that?

To both of our families and our friends:    We all counted on him very much as a spiritual leader.  During these past couple of days,  you may have questioned,  what are we going to do now?  Who is going to lead us and bring us closer to God?  If you have asked yourself this question, then the Lord is calling upon YOU to take up that cross.  We are all called to be leaders and to evangelize,  not just one person.  Every single one of us has a purpose and a plan in their life.

I always wondered why it was in our destiny to have so many kids. The Lord greatly blessed us with our 6 children and now they will each be a reminder of their Daddy.  Their faces, their character, their God-given gifts and talents.  I will always have a reminder of the wonderful man who I was blessed to call my husband,  my hubby.

In his role as a father,  he gave his children more love in the years he was with them than many can give in 100 years. He was never ashamed to show his love and affection for anyone.  It didn't matter where he was.  He always talked to our children about the Lord and to be a "light to others". He was very proud of all of their accomplishments in life.

As a husband, he showed me his love until his last day here on earth.  From the time we began dating,  he always expressed his love for me without reservations.  Always trying to do special things for me.  Always making me smile and laugh. That is something I will always carry in my heart.

It's so difficult to think about tomorrow,  next week,  next month,  next year.  But today,  my heart is at peace because his soul is rejoicing with the Lord.

He was at the highest point of his life.  He was at the happiest moment of his life. That is how I will always remember him.  ❤